CfP temasektion i Lychnos om Arktis

Ett CfP för en temasektion i Lychnos om ”Arctic Dreams” har publicerats:

Arctic Dreams –

Histories Uncovering the Imagined, the Forgotten and the Hidden Arctic

Guest editors: Janina Priebe and Nina Wormbs

As the Arctic has moved from the margins to the centre of public discourse, we should re-visit its history. The connected Arctic is now at the centre of political and cultural debates about globalized trade and transport, climate change, energy transition, and transnational Indigenous rights movements. However, this renewed focus has not necessarily deepened our historical knowledge. Surfacing and dominant master narratives run the risk of concealing other broader, unexpected, and more complicated stories of the Arctic and overlook its rich and contradictory history.

We invite scholars to propose papers with historical perspectives on the Arctic, emerging from within or outside the Arctic itself. (Invited disciplines include, but are not limited to, the history of science and ideas, history of knowledge, history of technology, environmental history, STS, literature, anthropology, and media and cultural studies.) The contributions should revolve around how people, places, ideas, resources, cultures, or pasts in the Arctic, have been imagined, depicted, or described, and what has been forgotten or become hidden as a result. Empirical papers, or papers challenging established historiographical discourses, are welcome.

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