Postdoc i vetenskapshistoria vid National Museums Scotland

En postdoc i ett projekt om vetenskapliga instrument, förlagd till National Museums Scotland, är utlyst; en möjlighet att arbeta med intressanta vetenskapshistoriker som Liba Taub och Rebekah Higgitt:

The AHRC-funded project ‘Tools of Knowledge: Modelling the Creative Communities of the Scientific Instrument Trade, 1550-1914’ commenced in January 2021 and is led by Professor Liba Taub of the University of Cambridge. The project will assemble a large volume of diverse data and apply cutting-edge methods of digital analysis to explore almost four centuries of the scientific instrument trade in Britain and Ireland. It aims to provide highly accessible information on the history of science, as it relates to commerce, industry, teaching, and questions of local, national and international geography.

As the ‘Tools of Knowledge’ Researcher, you will be based at National Museums Scotland, which holds a significant collection of historic scientific instruments. You will work with the project team, particularly Dr Rebekah Higgitt, Acting Keeper of Science & Technology at NMS and Dr Alex Butterworth (Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex), to help develop and contribute to a number of defined case studies on the locations, movements and contexts of instruments and makers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These case studies are designed to help the project team expand and remodel the existing dataset, Scientific Instrument Makers, Observations and Notes (SIMON), which comprises more than 10,000 records on individual instrument makers and firms, and to create new historical knowledge and develop new ways of interrogating and visualising the data.

Qualified to postgraduate level, you will have specialised knowledge of either – and a demonstrable interest in both – the history of scientific instruments and/or techniques of data modelling and digital analysis of historical and collections data. You must have proven research ability, be able to work effectively to meet deadlines, both independently and as part of a team, and possess excellent communication and ICT skills. You will be expected to travel to undertake research at other institutions, including project partners Royal Museums Greenwich and the Science Museum, London, as well as to attend project meetings, workshops and conferences.

Sista ansökningsdag: 28 juni. Läs mer här.

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