Postdoktjänst i vetenskapshistoria utlyst vid ETH Zürich

En treårig tjänst som postdoktor är utlyst vid ETH i Zürich, med inriktning mot livsvetenskapernas eller humanvetenskapernas vetenskapshistoria:

Applicants should pursue a research project in the following research area: The history of the sciences in the 20th century, with a focus on the life sciences or human sciences.

Ideally, but not compulsory, your project will complement the current research themes of the chair group (history of academic publishing and history of the book, photography between science and art, philosophy and science between academia and the public sphere, history of applied humanities, knowledge and counter-knowledge).

The position is limited to a period of three years. Salary is as per ETH-regulations for scientific personnel.
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The successful candidate is expected to conduct her or his own original research and fulfill teaching duties independently and from an interdisciplinary perspective. She or he will hold a PhD, obtained no longer than five years ago, in the history of science, science studies, or philosophy of knowledge.

Sista ansökningsdatum: 30 november. Läs mer här.

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