Intellectual property och biologi

”Living properties: Making knowledge and controlling ownership in the history of biology” är titeln för en spännande workshop vid Max Planck-institutet för vetenskapshistoria 29-31 maj 2008, organiserad av Jean-Paul Gaudillière, Daniel Kevles och Hans-Jörg Rheinberger.

The history of intellectual property has drawn increasing attention in the history of science. A vast corpus of literature including histories of the political, economic, and legal frameworks of innovation, histories of particular technologies, histories of specific enterprises and their R&D investments have been accumulating in recent decades. This literature has addressed the development of the world’s patent systems and explored the existence of arrangements for intellectual property protection outside the patent system such as trade secrets. It has also provided valuable information on the norms and understanding of patenting activities associated with the production and commercialization of products ranging from mechanical devices to therapeutic methods. It has also demonstrated that forms of intellectual property are the product of fragile compromises that have radically changed through time. Ideas of intellectual property and how to protect it have been revealed as features of broad systems of political economy, closely connected to the production and appropriation of the product itself and expressing a variety of means of control, certification and valorization. These systems have promoted the establishment of boundaries between private and common goods that are both real and historically contested.

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