The Einar Hansen Chair in Book and Library History

Lund University invites applications for the position of full professor to the Einar Hansen Chair in Book and Library History at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences:

The Chair in Book and Library History is enabled by an endowment from the Einar Hansen Allhem Foundation. The position is located at the Division of Book History at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences. The interdisciplinary study of Book History is concerned with the creation, mediation, reception, survival and transformation of the material representations of written communication from Antiquity to the present. Research in the field covers historical study of physical graphic documents and the technical and sociocultural processes of their production, dissemination, use and preservation. A key focus is on the book as an historical object, and its form and function in diverse environments. Other topics of the research field include the history of publishing houses and bookshops, the history of graphic design, manuscript history, the history of reading, the development of printing cultures and the history of book collections, in terms of both public and private libraries.

The successful candidate is to participate actively in all aspects of the division’s activities. The main duty is to lead and develop the research in book and library history. Among the other duties are teaching, supervision of doctoral students, administration of courses and study programmes, and development work. The division offers education in book history leading to degrees of Bachelor and PhD. The majority of the courses in book history are delivered online. The successful candidate is also expected to participate actively in the daily activities of the department and to follow societal developments of significance to work at the University and faculty.

The Division of Book History is small but the discipline is large and international. Major emphasis will be placed on the candidate’s ambition to resourcefully and professionally use the development potential of the subject locally, nationally and internationally. This ambition should be expressed in the application. The applicant should have a good understanding of the validity of the discipline for the humanities.

The Chair in Book and Library History is the only one of its kind in the Nordic countries. We are therefore particularly interested in applicants with a broad national and international network of contacts.

An ability to teach in Swedish and English is a requirement. Native speakers of languages other than Swedish are expected to be able to teach in Swedish within two years.

More information about the position here.

Information på svenska om professuren i bok- och bibliotekshistoria vid Lunds universitet här.

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