Neglected miras

50 neglected miras is the theme for a programme run by SAAF/V, the variable star section of SAAF since February 2012. We have, at the time of writing, amassed 8826 observations, observations have been analysed and new knowledge has emerged from these observations. A number of objects in the programme has been updated in the VSX, and we are working on a paper manuscript on the observations. It has been a very rewarding experience to work in this programme, acquiring knowledge and an understanding of these objects that in many cases were discovered to be variable stars in photographic surveys 50-75 years ago but then more or less neglected, besides making several discoveries “on the side” about objects in the vicinty of the miras.

After that, we’ve began another programme on yet another group of neglected miras, this time 25 of them. It will be interesting to see these objects come into light as we observe them.

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