About me

I am an amateur astronomer living in Lund in southern Sweden. I am half a century old, and used to be an astronomy enthusiast as a boy, teenager and university student. Recently, I have taken up my old hobby once again. Much is the same, and some things are quite different compared to the 1980’s.

I mostly observe variable stars, either visually through 15×70 binoculars, a 90 mm Sky-Watcher Maksutov Cassegrain and a 20 cm f/6 Newtonian or with remote telescopes at AAVSOnet and iTelescope. Both types of observations are equally enjoyable. I am HGUA on AAVSO and HGG on SVO.

Outside of amateur astronomy, I am a father, husband and historian of science at Gothenburg University specializing in research policy since 1945, the history of food conservation technologies and the history of astronomy.

My e-mail address is gustav[dot]holmberg[at]saaf[dot]se

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