4C 32.55

When reducing CCD images in Vphot, I often get several variables in the field, other than the star intended, especially with wide field instruments such as the iTelescope 10 cm refractor. The other day, as I was analysing observations of IX Lyrae, one of the Miras on the SVO programme on neglected Miras, Vphot identified – through the AAVSO VSX database – an object called 4C 32.55 in the field. I became curious, and decided to look it up.

It turned out to be an active galactic nucleus with variation in the visual, just like its more well-known brethren BL Lac. It is, as noted by Gary Poyner, rather neglected by amateurs, even though it shows quite marked variations. Poyner has the object on his programme. Looked kind of interesting, and I decided to re-reduce my observations of IX Lyrae made since March. The result was eight observations of this interesting object.

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