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Call for papers: “Astronomy and astronautics under dictatorial

24–25 September 2015
Instituto de Historia de la Medicina y de la Ciencia López Piñero
University of Valencia, Valencia (Spain)

Submissions are invited for the conference/workshop “Astronomy and
astronautics under dictatorial regimes” on topics related to the
development of astronomy, astrophysics and astronautics during
twentieth-century dictatorships and totalitarian regimes. During
the last decades, historians have shown an increasing interest in
the study of the relations between science, politics and power
under such regimes. While the cases of physics and life sciences
have been thoroughly investigated, the science of the universe has
so far received little attention. In this sense, the workshop aims
at exploring to what extent astronomy and astronautics have
contributed to shape and define twentieth-century dictatorships and
totalitarian regimes. Submissions are invited on (but not limited
to) the following topics:
– International collaboration: problems and opportunities.
– Observatories, institutions and the shaping of regimes.
– Amateur astronomy: sociability and popularization.
– Imperialism and colonialism: expeditions and discourses.
– Aeronautics, astronautics and the conquest of space.

The workshop language is English. Paper presentations will be 30

Please send abstract proposals of no more than 200 words to the
email address below before 15 July 2015. Include a short biography
highlighting main research interests (max. 50 words).

For proposals and inquiries, please contact:
Pedro Ruiz-Castell

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